1 million views!!!!!

I opened a page on a site called youpic.com in April of 2015.  With 1000’s of other photographers on the site, it was quickly learned to tag, title, critique, and comment on works, both your own, and artists you come to enjoy.



Two days after Christmas, 12/27/2017, I saw I had crossed a milestone.  One Million views on 1700+ photographs.



Thanks for having a look!!!!




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Yes, to truly enjoy all the photos, you need to open an account.

Nocharge/Non-invasive process.   With the activity I have, …..LOTS…..  i get, perhaps, 2 emails a week….  as a viewer…..  2 a month.

14,000 hits, in 24 hours!!!!!

There is a site I have used, for nearly 3 years now, and almost 1 million views from 1,000’s of photographers and and fans……

 Day #14 of a black and white a day commitment, for one year….

Come see what so many others see!


Over 1700 of my pieces and millions of more







Finding what’s lost, right in front of us

completed (39)

A paradigm shift

Change of direction in relativity

Manipulation of time

Paradox within the complacent

Grasp the salvation

As a sentimentality of forethought

Reticent supposition

As the past becomes pretense


As only a prosthesis of the mind

Thoughts, once believed in clarity

Now sighted by the blind

For what becomes the reticent

Absolution of gravity

Directly evolved from a retrofit

Of moderation’s within propositions

What evolves as one’s eminence



This beast…… all the pics, this time

Once, a 1940 Ford Hook and Ladder Truck.  10×3″ box rail frame, 26″ pumpkin, 1000 HP Detroit Diesel, 8000 #s torque, 90 MPH top speed…. wanna have fun?


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I found thie beast, these guys, in New Hampshire….  I believe White Mountains, but could have been the Green Mountains, was on both, the same day

Downeast Patina

some say things grow better with age…………..

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I like things to grow with the environment……………

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I have shot these little cabins more than once in the last 15 years…..  Today, the light got me just right

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Tremolo….a study in my elemental being Part #8 ………the new

visions as we see them, live them, relief of the mind from the daily tasks, drudges and existence


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When the scenes to be observed, absorb, come from the beauty of nature, what you get……. 




And the time breaks down within the crevasse of the mind

Creations, depletion, reticent subterfuge, demised

Dimensional divisions

Proactive submissions

Concreted suppressions

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I break forth from the acumen of the myopic thought

Divide through collusion

Though aspirational


Acquisition benign

Reactionary and sublime

Crested behavior

Wealth of existence


Of a life worth what we savor



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