Speechless…. Then again…

A picture is…………………..


Amazing as it seems, there are so few that have taken a moment out of their day.

Just to think about the friends they have.

The efforts so many put into being something extra, different, refraining from being……ordinary.  But that is who we are

Think of the moments of your life, and who it is that have made that time, memorable, special.

Obscurity has its place, but everyone deserves their moment, their 15 minutes, their satisfaction, their happiness…..
I have mine…..simplicity, and sincerity.  I share as often as I can.  That happiness is but a moment away, for anyone.  Just do not try and pick that moment, let it come to you, you never know when it is coming…


This little piece of heaven has helped heal, this year.  Healed from loss, from darkness, from myself… in ways….  but I have put back both by back & an eye into this marvel, and I am coming out the other side, with more to share than ever before.



Keep me close, for the trails I am beginning to revisit, all over these United States, are not from the easiest of roads…..  However…. She is one of the most beautiful in the world.  I have  1000’s to show





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