Windows of the past


Each day, look to world, and where it has brought you to.  Ageless, timeless, are not what you shall find, here…. however… the Ages and Times these windows have viewed, to then be examined from the inside out. Now, in my I attempt immortalize them, looking into, and beyond the patina of their lives.


The ins, the outs… desert, mountain, seaside, farmlands……  We live, and have lived through some tumultuous times….  and our mark, of architecture is timeless… but also… out of time.


Darkness… Not shadows… Darkness, hidden within these frames of timber, wood…. grained, engrained within the imagination…….  The builder’s never knew, I’d be here, taking stock of their history.

dsc_0028view the heavens, see all that abounds in our world…. there is much more to digest.

dsc_0790And in the end….. the door awaits our presence


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