Virginia Hill Brehmer

Today would have been the 92nd birthday for Virginia Hill Brehmer, sister of Rebecca Hill Talbot and Daughter of Warren and Grace Morrison Hill.    Mother to Donald, Anne and Philip.  Masterful Pianist, accomplished cook, loving daughter and mother, and a true inspiration to me, for loving travel and the world around us.


A woman of simple, yet enriched roots, “Ginny” shared views of imagination that I still today, begin to absorb. An encounter with a young man from Harvard, ThorWill, led to a marriage and a life of adventure and exploring continents and countries and raising three wonderfully diverse children whom all have had such fond memories of Machias, East Machias and Cutler.  With my brother and I having both spent many years living in Washington and Hancock Counties, the love of Downeast Maine, the Bold Coast and MDI, the enrichment always continued.




Hello Machias,


I am Philip T Brehmer, son of Virginia Hill Brehmer, and I have once more, come to Washington County to call her my home. Photographer, Chef, Poet, Lover of life…. I have relearned once more, the healing powers of this great state, this great region.   As history abounds, nature thrives, within this community, like, yet unlike, so many wonderful places I have experienced…  I came back, but a short year ago, to help my now deceased brother, and relearned just what healing powers, growing powers, is available in plentitude.


My camera is my mind, my eyes, my soul…. I share pictures of family history, nature, iron, and anything I find simple beauty in….  let me share with you, what I have explored, enjoyed, recorded, learned.


Follow me, as my camera records, my knives yield culinary wonders and my eyes and heart share the wonders of Maine, America, and the world beyond!


Hi Mom!!!!  Happy Birthday!


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