Memories of Mom

It was but a few short weeks ago, I celebrated the birthday of my mother, Virginia Hill Brehmer.  One week after that, I celebrated my late brother’s birthday, Donald Hill Brehmer.  Both, more in love with the beauty of the world around them, they both, along with my Father, shared the world they loved, with me. And how they loved the Downeast.

Today, is the third anniversary of my mother’s passing An event that set off a series of decisions on my part, that have turned into a major life changing result. Most recently, all has come into place, and I am truly finding some grounded life moments…. it was certainly  a long time spent getting here, and through some of the darkest moments of the last 30 years of my life.

From my earliest days, the earliest memories, my family liked to travel.  At first, I remember going to Sky Top, Lake George, Belgrade Lakes… but mostly, I remember Machias and my Grandmother Grace “GeeGee” Hill, and of course, the Cutler House.

After Mom passed, I wrestled with what I really wanted to do with my life.  On a whim, fed up with ownership of the firm I worked with, I packed up my life, threw it into storage, and proceeded to ride the country on my Harley Davidson, looking for the next chapter of my life to present itself.  Thirty eight states and 18,000 miles later, 4 months had passed and I was still not certain where I was going to land. ( and edit the 20,000+ pictures from the trip)  Time in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, I could NOT find direction.  Something new for me.


It was September of 2015, 4 months of depression had quite a hold on me and,  I realized, I had yet to mourn my mother’s passing.  I never stopped to absorb what happened, just what I lost and now, it hit and hit hard.  I tried grabbing the bootstraps….but only could pull so far.   The holidays were coming, and I was in touch with both my Brother, and Sister, Anne Larsen Richards, and made plans to visit her for Thanksgiving.  My brother drove down from Southwest Harbor and got me in North Carolina for, unexpectedly, turned out to be the last road trip he and I ever would take…. and there were many over the last 50 years. (more about that, later)(but HIS needs, brought me back to Maine, and re-discovering the healing powers of this great state)

My Sister and I were with Mom, when she moved on, and Don, tried his damned best to get there in time, but she was ready to go.  The three of us spent the next week, watching old film of our childhoods and relishing the moments of our family.

I could go on at great length, but in all…. I only wish to say


Hi Mom… You are, and always shall be,

the best friend I ever had.

Love you, say “Hi” to Dad and Don






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