Court Street Cemetary

It has been near 39 years since I last was in this place of honor.  Likely the year my Grandmother, Grace Morrison Hill passed away.  Though it was not until the death of my dear cousin, Jim Talbot, in August of the same year, that I had the opportunity to visit the grave site.  I have always found intrigue in wander the old to ancient cemeteries of the world….  the history untold within the confines….educational.

The Memories of Machias, Washington County, they start here, with the end of the lives of those before us.

I wandered here, just yesterday, seeking to find, in particular, the markers of my grandmother, and that of my grandfather, Warren Hill.  After starting at one end, the south-west corner on Court Street, I began my search.  Coming across so many families, whose names I recall as those of family stories,  acquaintance or friends, business associates, and beyond.  The memories generated, fulfilling a simple need.  However, I failed to find either marker, whilst seeing other kin about.

Circuiting up to the North-east corner, on High Street, almost across from Warren and Grace’s home, so many familiar names, just keep generating memories abound, of the generations of Machias.


Then, as I am headed back down the last tract, 3 deer wander across the trail ahead.  Snapping a couple of quick shots, an epiphany of sorts, I recognize a marker that is more than familiar.

The Hill plot is in front of me.

Without any other research, and using my memories, again (and very possibly, not perfect), I see no marker for my maternal grandparents, yet, here is the name of my great-great Grandfather, Warren, His Father, and that of his,  Obadiah.  Three, wives, a daughter and a sister encompass the four sides of There are 6 additional stones, but time has erased any easily read engraving upon those.

The memories we all share, we all read, within this page, are not only a part of who we are, but the beginning of a network of information that all to often, is forgotten in this sped up world.  Our great country has gotten itself wrapped up in turmoil.  As I have said so many times this year, after having forgotten, this state, this area,  has great healing capabilities.. Let’s share the wealth we possess.




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