Sunday Morning Fornications Of Thought

Given forth the desires of life which have compiled upon our delusions of perfection, I find myself driven.


Through the need of completion, less of direction, and void of satisfaction, I find my speculations wandering the channels of complexity and diversity that a sub- life of limited cognitive engagement of life forms have assembled.

Where the moment has arrived, facilitated by the end of a commitment, I find it difficult to proceed with the next challenge of life, long planned, with goals and destinations incomplete, yet with interims fantasized to a depth of Déjà vu.


Love, not of an individual, but of experiences, plucks at my inner lust for adventure, I stand here alone in depth of opportunity, devoid of destination, the choice….the choice.

Emptiness clouds my mind, clouds my thoughts, and clouds sensibility.


Yet walking away, delving through adversity, trampling fears has now become the obstacles of age, drive, and loneliness blinding what has generally been visions eased.

Knowledge, historically an asset, now possessing a lesser contingent of principle among the masses, where now less diversity is the strength amidst an overabundance of a simplistic genius, genus.

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Residence in a atmosphere of family love, sound financial gain, leaves little for emotional stability.

Items of fulfillment present themselves as anchors of enrichment.

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Memories displayed physically, that, in fact, are detriments for what in fact has proven to be my strength, a prolific imagination of self-worth.

Leave me not here for what may be, but allow me the opportunity to taste the next exploit, contingent amongst the hearts of those that desire a taste of the differentials exploited.


Sunday Morning alone with my coffee……….A Mind Fornication


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