Tremolo… A study in my elemental being Part 1

Indian Lake, Whiting Maine

Nine short months ago, I was introduced to “The Cottage”, Tremolo, a place of serenity, beauty, desire, giving, and needing. Just off the beaten path, this vintage abode, reborn as a modern living space, appointed as it may have been, 80 years ago, it was, love at first sight.  A bonus, of sorts, was the companionship, the mind, the heart, the soul of one of the finest women, I have ever met. 

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Tremolo, named for one of the calls of the loon, a call my mother mimicked , so well, and, for the presence of numerous nesting pairs, guarding the serenity of the lake, Tremolo has a healing power, indicative of the regions of Washington and Hancock Counties, Maine.


This post & these photographs, along with several more to follow, are a “study” of sorts, as an example of the healing powers of “space”.


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5 thoughts on “Tremolo… A study in my elemental being Part 1

  1. Spent lots of time at the Miller cottage and at the Broadbent home back in the day. Loved the cry of the loons and early morning’s calm beauty. These pix are wonderful.

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