Tremolo- a study of my elemental being Part 2

MDI to Cherryfield, Machias, Whiting, Lubec, & Eastport

Minutes from the ocean, which I love so much, and but a few feet from the lake I have grown to love, and still learn about, each day, Tremolo, presents new horizons for life, love and a dream of some level of self-being, self-worth, self-satisfaction.. Wrapped into a wondrous opportunity to watch nature evolve in abundance and feel the depths of my being interact with that, daily.  My home, has a wonderful, magical gift. To which, I was invited.

And, I wish to share.

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Most of the pictures, shared within this post, this collection, have been shot in Washington, and Hancock counties…. but in my thoughts, if another picture seems appropriate… you shall just need to appreciate it for what it is….  And it all has place in my story of healing.  I may not share any, many or all of what I have been healing from, let’s just say, I spent quite some time, being broken.

Now everything is more in tune…. and it is definitely improved..  and the lights in my tunnel, are my cameras.

Like Motel 6….. I want to keep the lights, on.


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