American Iron, cont’d

For most of us, these cars, things of beauty, offer us much emotion.  

With History, Art, Function, Flash & Love all at the root of their lives…. I just cannot take my eyes from them, when I first see them, and, each time I look at the pictures.



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The thing that can truly frustrate me, when the opportunity arises itself, be it an auto show, car club, museum, motorcycles, whatever….  the displays are always cramped.  but as I allow for artistic license, I have learned that I am able to capture new perspectives, of that beauty.

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So much of the art has left the manufacturing of automobiles, unless you consider the science.  Somehow, I just don’t see art and science when it comes to automobiles and love.


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And then, besides the shows… are those wonderful moments of just seeing these sweet old rides, on the road, in a salvage yard, rusting away….  our history, some legacy…. Iron.



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