Tremolo… a study in my elemental being Part 3

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from what is natural, to what is nature.  when we have an opportunity to examine life and the life around us, we all too frequently, forget to absorb the tranquility that knocks on each of our doors, daily.

these pictures, familiar, yet different, are what i get to see, each and every day.  virtually all taken from less than 50 yards from my front porch, or much closer.  the luxury of such splendor is not wasted upon me. often with my camera, as much as not, i witness the momentary and monumental chronology of mother nature, ever changing her world in front of us.   that of which i can capture, and share with all who come, is just one way to share, what can be available to all. those opportunities i miss…. i shall just need to savor the memories, a moment of selfishness, I admit……

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my life’s healing continues… watching the world about me…. so many in a hurry is this fine little community… but i allow for things to slow a bit….  and breath…………….


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