Tremelo…. a study in my elemental being part 4

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi


for everyone, a journey has an implied meaning.  an act of travelling from one place to the next.  to me, that is far too limiting.  every moment of every day comprises my journey.  it is life, my life.  perhaps, just perhaps, you may find interest in what i, have found


the doldrums of winter, seclusion, the grey skies, clouds, short days, dark nights, eternally and internally, effecting so many souls, so many ways.

she is not the best of mother nature, but she is ours to behold

the journey of season to season, day to day, night to night, can capture, control, and diffuse the mind into so many facets of thought, that to many, is an insurmountable personal darkness.

I say, see the light

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my journey, has been a life in perpetuity, constant change, an eternal trek to find the next best capture, the next whip of whit or wonder, into text, or that delectable taunt of the taste buds.

i have never ‘looked’ for a relationship, they tend to find me.  be it inanimate, or intimate.  my happenstance to come across Tremolo, was the culmination of my years of personal sacrifice, that i would never alter, given the chance.

resultant in the find of a lifetime.

a partner, a force, a home, a feeling of place in space…….



so as I ponder the wonders of each day, leave no stone unturned, contemplate what lay ahead, looking into the opportunity life affords me to meld with my existence… i seek little but the moment of being absorbed by the essence of all around me


my piece of synchronicity


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