Tremolo… a study in my elemental being …part 5

Indian Lake, Whiting Maine, Tremolo….  an existence that takes me back to thoughts of Thoreau, of Walden… a mesmerizing epiphany, of sorts.  Meeting & cooking for Don Henley in the summer of 1996, my first summer on Cape Cod, cooking at the Harwichport Yacht Club.  Some of the most expensive Real Estate on Cape Cod, next to Hyannisport…..   And we all remember the stories of Camelot. and reading books on beaches and walking the country’s most beautiful east coast beaches…. next to the Bold Coast of Downeast.

Exciting times, and some of my first  insights into the depths of where our minds, my mind, could take us all.  Henley was huge into the preservation of Walden Woods at the time….  and it reminded me then, of all the precious lands of the Northeast…  of New England, of Washington County, Maine.

Camelot is a plane where I now enjoy MY existence.  Mine, is called Tremolo….. Indian Lake, Whiting.  My Round table is a porch.  My Knights, the birds and mammals  of the lake, with views of pleasure, wonderment and love.

Of self, surroundings, nature, a woman.

This week, The Buffelhead Ducks, returned, Otters and Ermine, play upon the waters, and the banks,


Today, the first Loon of the season!!!

And Then

DSC_0551Two Eagles, I believe to be a nesting pair… Out on the ice.  I have seen them, often, in the last few weeks…..


 Spring is coming…………………………………………………………………..!!!



One, with a catch…..  the other….. designs on sharing, nay, taking the bounty from the now receding ice.


One quarter of a mile away, tasks my simple Digital SLR with a 200mm Lens…  But the thrills observed watching our National Treasure feast upon the plenty of our lake….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Life can be so much better if we can all just learn to live together, in some fashion of Harmony, if ONLY, for Washington County

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