Profetics….. things as I see them #11

To see things  unfiltered in new light, we must first extinguish thoughts of what has passed before…..


As dreams come and go, thoughts of sincerity and desire, resounding in depths, of what may come, to be a wealth of disparity, and, the parody of the dream that has a pretense in the thoughts of others as they have seen within you.


Ask not for a resolution, but attend to the presumption that all deserve unfettered respect, that once bestowed and subsequently lost solely through a committal of insufficient personal standard succumbed to assumed entitlement of lesser thoughts.


Brought upon the self via the tragedy of acceptance, that, this dream, or the thought, which brought our existence to this realm is one that may, or might, be a skeptic’s presence, nay, that of an assumption reality wakes beyond the control of conceived perennial existence.

Give not of what it is you expect to have rendered, but bestow upon the gratitude in a charitable manner that devises a thought that perhaps becomes the chauffeur of the dream which permits a divinity of societal tragedies.


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