Pictures, and words…. All part of our daily lives.  With no particular training in art, I have spent a life, enjoying the tantalizing views that the world has to offer as enrichments for the eyes.  With something of a natural ability to focus on the beauty of most anything… I bring to you Matrix Photography USA.  Having spent time in the 80’s with a sweet old Minolta SRT-101, I dabbled, then spent 20 years as a chef, working my creativity through food, and no time for shuttered pleasures.  10 years ago, I once more, stepped behind the lens, only to open the doors of my mind, my eyes, like never before.  I explore each day, looking for that one shot, to capture treasures of the mind and senses…..

I welcome you to, Your World Through My Eyes.

A collection of pictures, and words from a love of what existence this life has to offer