Your insincerity is within the reverence that my thought process has focused upon

Of that I have desired is as prevalent as the inquest of your madness and the accord

To which all that has determined the sobriety and salinity of our summations

Gratuity of the understanding that aspirations of need and totality has determined

That the theater of destination is indifferent to the vaudeville of my creation.


salvation…intention….existence… lifeworks

As salvation becomes the solace of the intentions

Credence resounds upon the tolerances of submission

Proliferous as is the forethought

Retentiveness is all assumed within a solution

Ground upon the resilience of nature’s superiority

To resolve the future as perceived and presented

Relent to the obscurity of intent

Repent within the introspect of security

Omitted amongst the sanity of regressive minds

Solicited within expressionistic spirituality

Relative to the societal progressively petulant

Present not without relinquished forgiveness



In thought of catechism



Paschal within his dream can only define reality as pretension

As Pavlov created superfluous intentions and submission

Walk the line that refines direction

Direct the intentions that refined the mind

Released as I am, from the succulence of life

Resounded as the imperialistic intention of the machine

Delve within the procrastinations of subliminal success

Entwined within the enhancement of societal secretion

We bleed

We dream

A yearning of submission

Cascaded upon a thought

To encompass a succession

The superlative domination

Of simple victory

Passions, Dreams, Reality, Fantasy

Change & love are as water within the essence of life, the cold, the heat, the erosion, molding all around it’s being to become the future of what our thought’s today, reminisce from the past to become the whole of the dream, we have always wished to be.

Dawn (3)

Passions in dreams

Sufferings to be

Fornications in thought

Emotions distraught

Distance through time

The Cartographers Line

Takes me to where

Only in mind I can stare


Dawn (27)

                                            Her Touch

The Taste

Her Lips

The Kiss

Her Breath

A Test

Her Sigh


dawn's nudes (10)-1

Sweetness in Air

Moist to the touch

Glistened and primed

Enthralled by such

So I grasp at the dream

Reality’s too much

Her Body is mine

Yet in my mind, not clutch

Dawn (13)

Her Touch

The Taste

Her Lips

The Kiss

Her Breath

A Test

Her Sigh



Wantings and Yearnings

Filigreed DreamsDSC_0229 (2)

Etched to the Canvas

My thoughts surfaced like cream

Pleasures I need

Culminated I Plead

Climaxed through my thoughts

Through the distance distraught



I touch,Dawn (18)

Much less fondle

I scream,

As though Humbled

I Feel,

Though have not caressed

Of your love, physical

I have not been blessed


Her Touch

The Taste

Her Lipsdawn's nudes (5)-2

The Kiss

Her Breath

A Test

Her Sigh



All in part,

A plot in desire

To feel all that I lust

I implore and inquire

To reach a moment

One of mutual compassion

Yearned in solitude

Deluged in distractions

I got there…………………………………….



Phil Brehmer 04/15/2017