Downeast Patina

some say things grow better with age…………..

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I like things to grow with the environment……………

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I have shot these little cabins more than once in the last 15 years…..  Today, the light got me just right

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Maineage…. continued…

Panes……… It is about what we see through them

Maineage…. continued…

One more view from the windows of our mind, windows of the past.. and looks into the future….

Windows of the past



Old Iron #3…. getting back to basics…. Rte66

completed (39)


 I love to go to car museums, shows, races…. Love everything about the lines, smell, feel, power, color and sounds.    

What I don’t like is, that under normal setups of any event, space at a premium, getting full and clear body shots, well, they are rare, at best.

So, I started to abstract all my visions of iron, the clean, the old, the rusted, the rats… All of ’em.

What ever part of that piece of history tells me to take


There shall be many more coming.

thrones of a different mindset

He sat at his throneDSC_0092-001

Merely a chair

Views to be cast on his empire

Sounds of the world abound



DSC_0448His command

His empire

Thoughts of the grandeur

Reality of his choosing




Carnal beliefsDSC_0213-001

Caste disparities abound

Castrated within the emancipation




DSC_0470Urbane is the reach

Fortuitous the breach

Belief as insight

Persistence exists

within light



To see what is beforeDSC_0471

As words

Nothing more

Breach of faith





Enchanted his dreams

Civility demeans

Pretense less virility

Catastrophic reality

To the object & thought

As the hook draws taught


The thronedt1 (28)

That throne

Kingdom of demise

Blind goes the one

Deaf on another

The life of a king

The life within lies


As a Nation


Quest 1 (8)

M. Gandhi                  Not Verbatim… but some artistic license ….

Walk to the end of your world.

See it for what you wish,

what you believe,

 what you desire.

The next step,

the first step,

eliminates the End,

and opens your horizons to the new beginning

Walk with me,

ride with me,

follow me,

lead me….

I shall be there for you,

with you,

supporting you,

defending you.

The next

You are my life,

you are, …. THE U.S.A.

Phil Brehmer  2014