This beast…… all the pics, this time

Once, a 1940 Ford Hook and Ladder Truck.  10×3″ box rail frame, 26″ pumpkin, 1000 HP Detroit Diesel, 8000 #s torque, 90 MPH top speed…. wanna have fun?


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I found thie beast, these guys, in New Hampshire….  I believe White Mountains, but could have been the Green Mountains, was on both, the same day


Tremolo….a study in my elemental being Part #8 ………the new

visions as we see them, live them, relief of the mind from the daily tasks, drudges and existence


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When the scenes to be observed, absorb, come from the beauty of nature, what you get……. 




And the time breaks down within the crevasse of the mind

Creations, depletion, reticent subterfuge, demised

Dimensional divisions

Proactive submissions

Concreted suppressions

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I break forth from the acumen of the myopic thought

Divide through collusion

Though aspirational


Acquisition benign

Reactionary and sublime

Crested behavior

Wealth of existence


Of a life worth what we savor



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Tremolo….and study in my elemental being Part #7 a new sunrise

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Old Iron #8…. getting back to basics….

4H Car Show Honeybrook, PA (11)I love to go to car museums, shows, races…. Love everything about the lines, smell, feel, power, color and sounds.    

What I don’t like is, that under normal setups of any event, space at a premium, getting full and clear body shots, well, they are rare, at best.

So, I started to abstract all my visions of iron, the clean, the old, the rusted, the rats… All of ’em.

What ever part of that piece of history tells me to take


There shall be many more coming.

Tremolo….and study in my elemental being Part #7 a new sunrise


I have been visiting here, now, for one full year, full time residence for almost 8 months. The places to see, some not to distant, some right here, make each day relevant, learning.


The skies before us

Colors never seen before

Shades and depths within

The confrontation of our existence

Dissolved and admonished

Revered and resolved

Lead not but to the future

But a litany of prolific confusions

Which exists in past



As light becomes shaded

Becomes the dank and depth

Of each day conquered


Grasp the solitude 

Celebrate the opportunity

Worship it’s cause

Mourn its neglect

Resolve to become what was once no more

A love of determination encapsulated

An existence worthy of sharing

With those

That know not of the smallest of appreciations





Windows of the past


Each day, look to world, and where it has brought you to.  Ageless, timeless, are not what you shall find, here…. however… the Ages and Times these windows have viewed, to then be examined from the inside out. Now, in my I attempt immortalize them, looking into, and beyond the patina of their lives.


The ins, the outs… desert, mountain, seaside, farmlands……  We live, and have lived through some tumultuous times….  and our mark, of architecture is timeless… but also… out of time.


Darkness… Not shadows… Darkness, hidden within these frames of timber, wood…. grained, engrained within the imagination…….  The builder’s never knew, I’d be here, taking stock of their history.

dsc_0028view the heavens, see all that abounds in our world…. there is much more to digest.

dsc_0790And in the end….. the door awaits our presence